Living with Metcap or Wynn in Toronto – I’m bugging out!

For anyone who wants to live in a Toronto apartment building, closer to the lake at a fairly good price with a good amount of space, you’re looking at moving into bug ridden apartment buildings with owners that don’t care to fix the issues. Since moving to Toronto about 13 years ago, I’ve live in three different apartment buildings. The first one was downtown, clean as could be and expensive as hell.

Next was a place that was on the edge of Liberty Village, the place to be and Parkdale, a place known for it’s crazy people and cockroaches. This building was managed by Metcap and it was horribly managed. Though the super was amazing, Metcap didn’t do anything to try to fix the bug issue. They would have the bug people come in, put a few pieces of what looked like roaches, all though my cupboards then left. When I was about to finally leave, I got a notice that a place called Timbercreek, was taking over and they were about to renovate the entire place. SWEET! So I stayed.

Of course with the massive upgrades, they upped everyone’s rent over the average allowed and rent for a unit like mine went from $1400.00 all inclusive up to $1800 or more and not all inclusive. The bug issue still didn’t stop, they decided to blame it on my cat food even though the bug guys said my place was very clean. I had another blog at the time in which I posted the conversations between the building management and myself in which later I was asked by a friendly staff member to remove it as they had followed up with my concerns. She also mentioned she wanted to bring me some kids toys as her kids no longer needed them. Of course, she didn’t – it was all a ploy to take my post down in which shortly after, I made the post public again. They then bought me out for $10,000.00 and that was that. I moved up 20 minutes North into a house which had no bugs.

After I split with my husband, I found a new place that was owned by Wynn Family Properties. It was back down in the Parkdale are but I had only two weeks left to find a place and two kids that were in my care; the price was great, location was amazing and the view was amazing, so I grabbed it. I had seen from the reviews that this place was just as much a shit hole like Metcap was but when I went in, all seemed fine. For the first bunch of months, there were no issues except some jerk that would pull the fire alarm every couple of weeks. It wasn’t until late summer that I started to see roaches. I had advised the company of the issues and weeks later I would have someone come in to do bug control. The issue got worse and Wynn Family Properties would only have the bug folks come in to spray or put more of those nasty bug looking pieces of bug death food all over my kitchen (which now is filled with them). They had come into my unit 7 times. Not only that but many of my heaters had to get replaced because they all busted leaving puddles of water spewing onto my floor and of course the pipe above my dining room had burst and they left a massive hole in my ceiling for more bugs to come through.

The door to my balcony was not closing properly and the winters were like hell freezing over. I had to duct tape the door closed to prevent most of the air from coming through. When they came to fix it, they remove the block which was being used as my door lock but of course didn’t replace it and I still don’t have a lock to my balcony. The elevators were constantly breaking and we only have two. I can’t begin to tell you how infuriated I was when I would come home with two kids and a shit load of groceries and having to haul them up 8 flights of stairs. PLUS my two year old would want me to carry him up. My blood is boiling just thinking about it! I called the city to complain twice and notified the TSSA twice about my concerns not only with that but with the 1 foot jump you’ve have to make to get out of it at times; this thing was, and still is not level to the floor making it easy for us to trip on our faces.

When I got wind that a new company was coming to take over and do big renovations, I was told it was the same company that look over the old Metcap building, Timbercreek. I was excited only because I knew they were going to buy me out and it would be enough to get a new place plus cover the costs I would have to pay to get a new bed and a new couch seeing as there we roaches in them as well. You should have seen my face when I saw a Metcap employee walking through the building. I was so mad! The supers we had, moved out and the new guy was about to move in. I submitted a ticket online and sure enough, they brought the bug people to come and paste more of what looked like little pieces of crap, around my kitchen and bathroom. I also requested they give me a lock for my balcony because I have two young kids. To this day I still have no lock on my door. Last week after finally getting a hold of the City of Toronto, they came to spray my unit and the bugs are more active and bigger than ever.

Though Metcap has come in and fixed the building to look a tad more aesthetically pleasing, they haven’t done anything about the bugs. They don’t care because all they want to do is renovate, charge hundreds more than what we are paying now and guess what….people will still have bug problems. Proof! After chatting with the super that currently had a brand new renovated unit, he confirmed to me that he is now seeing bugs coming into his unit. Though he has prevention items for the mice that run throughout the walls and units in the building, he cannot get rid of the roaches.

It’s extremely frustrating to have companies do nothing to help the infestation. They are trying to make their buildings look nice to get more money and unfortunately the poor suckers who end up moving in here will be paying $2000.00 a month to live with roaches. Wynn Family Properties and Metcap Living Management are horrible landlords to have. Though when you enter these buildings at first and they seem all great and updated, please take caution when making your decision to live here. You absolutely will find bugs in their apartments, you will have to pull teeth to get anything done and the bug issue will never be fixed. I have plugged holes, cracks and crevices as far as the eye can see but there is always another place they will get though. Though the city stepped in for a moment, they aren’t doing anything else about it – all they do is call the landlord. Clearly that’s not helping at all.

If you would like to see what I live in for $1,600.00 a month, please head over to the Facebook page I created that shows videos of the disgusting situation I live in and that page is here. I can only hope that no matter how great the price looks and how cool the space is, take caution because in the end, it’s likely you’ll regret your decision to move into any of the buildings. While I don’t like to be negative and talk negatively about companies, I am writing this out of pure frustration and after I found a new “nest” of very large roaches that were living below my Bose system. People don’t deserve to live in these kinds of places.


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