Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Enjoy your hangovers.

Sure it’s 12:20 AM on March 17 but people are partying and many of them are celebrating tonight rather than tomorrow night so they can actually work on Monday.

It’s that time of year again; green is everywhere and people are preparing for one of the biggest parties in the world accompanied with the inevitable nasty hangover.

I’ve never been much of a St. Patrick’s Day party person. In fact, I think I’ve only ever went out once. St. Patrick’s Day usually lands on a day when people have to work the next day and I’ve had one too many of those hungover work days; it’s something I try to avoid.

A lot of the women that I work with are younger than I am. I think the one that is closest to my age is 30 which is almost 8 years younger than I and the others are even younger. I get to see all the prep that they put into this day and the ones that are Irish – well, that’s just going to be a shit show. Kinda wish I would be there to see that!

I know so many people that will line up when the bar opens and will sit there all day and all night just drinking. How can one’s internal organs even handle all of that drinking? I do it all of the time when I’m vacationing in Cuba but those drinks are highly watered down, right? Mayeb my system just has been so used to all the drinking I’ve done in the past, it doesn’t affect me as bad. Well, that’s talking like 3 years ago.

On Wednesday this past week, the kids went with their father so I went out to meet a few friends for some drinks – something that happens once in a blue moon. The total amount of alcohol I had was equivalent to a bottle of wine which, for me, isn’t a lot. Went home at midnight and slept shortly after. According to my Fitbit, I had a good 7 hours of sleep. When I drink without a fairly good consumption of water throughout, I wake up extremely early and the fact that my cat wakes me up with his howls (that’s a whole other story) doesn’t help. Seeing as I got that good amount of sleep, I figured I wouldn’t be feeling sluggish and tired during the day.

I was wrong.

Alcohol, especially wine these days, lowers my energy, makes me nap and gives me a headache that won’t go away, even with Advil. It makes for a horrible day. Getting old and hangovers don’t mix at all. And if you have kids – HA HA HA good luck! One time I went out with the assumption I was just going out for a couple. My kids were coming home the next day but apparently the alcohol was to good to care after a certain point because the next day the hangover was brutal. I was just so exhausted that I found myself falling to sleep on the floor then next thing you know I’m woken up by a scream or one of them yelling at me.

Never. Again.

Offices around the world on Monday will have a lot less people in them I am sure. So with that said, I wish you all great fun and hopefully your hangovers aren’t too bad!


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