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Music | Teaching kids it’s rude to talk about Uranus.

Recently I heard my daughter singing; not something that’s out of the norm but what caught me off guard one day while driving to Walmart was the lyrics coming out of her mouth that went like this:

It’s rude, it’s rude, it’s very, very rude…to talk about your anus, to talk about your anus.

After listening to her say it over and over again, I finally asked her,

“What….how….where did you hear that from?”

“It’s a song….from You Tube.” she replied.

“Next time you hear that song, please let me know.” I told her. I then had to explain to her why at first I was laughing. I thought she was just saying it wrong.

For a moment the flashes of conversations on Facebook and the news about watching what your kids watch on their iPods because of the fact that there is some crazy stuff out there. I never thought I would have to worry about it. She’s a kid that will put the phone down if she feels scared about what’s coming next or she’ll just change the video.

My son has a fascination with everything in the sky – the solar system, comets, constellations but most of all, the planets. He knew all of the planets at the ripe old age of 2 1/2 and the only way you can calm him down while freaking out is by talking about Saturn or showing him a planet book or video. He watches a lot of space video’s and of course, there are plenty of kids videos and songs on You Tube showcasing planets as the main stars (and by that I don’t mean literal stars).

Uranus is a planet that gets a lot of slack and made fun of because of it’s name. For the most part, the way in which people call it sounds like ‘your anus’ or “ur anus’ for slang. It never occurred to me that someone would make a kids song mocking this poor planet. So a few days ago, I caught my son listening to it. My daughter looks at me and laughs; this is because she knows what an anus is – so that’s fun!

I turned the volume up and started to listen to this catchy tune.

The sun and planets are a part of our solar system, along with the planetoids, comets and asteroids. If you really want to, you can name or list them.

But there’s one you should avoid…

(Chorus x2) It’s rude. It’s rude. It’s very, very rude. To talk about Uranus, to talk about Uranus.

…..Mars is red and Jupiter has a giant spot, but about Uranus, well I don’t know a lot except…

* Chorus x2 *

If I had a telescope, powerful and strong, I would stare at Uranus all night long.

Saturn has it’s rings and it really is quite famous, then comes the rude planet known as Uranus. Neptune’s further out, I wonder what he thinks. Stuck behind Uranus, I bet that stinks.

Snippet of the lyrics from Planets Song by Peter Weatherall (YouTube)

This song is from Peter Weatherall who specializes in educational songs and videos who has a 21k following. I took a quick look at the videos wondering if they were anything like this one, just to make sure I didn’t have to start parental controls and block his channel but from what I could see, the videos are great educational tools for kids – even I found myself immersed in the knowledge he was providing in some clips, and I’m not a kid.

However, I still ponder with the idea of blocking this video so my kids don’t start walking around talking about it being rude to talk about Uranus. He has already once walked around Walmart singing it nice and loud for all to hear all while passerby’s laugh or look at me like I’m an alien. In general, I don’t want them thinking that it’s funny to make fun of things because that in itself can cause a whole slew of problems. I don’t want to block this channel but I want to avoid any potential issues it could cause earlier than it normally would if they grown up without this.

My daughter is well aware of the fact that though it’s funny in it’s own way, this is making fun of something and she is very against that, so no real concerns there. But this opens up my eyes to the reality of the stuff that is on the internet and though I have a good sense of humor and think this is funny – for adults, this video bugs me when it relates to my kids. I don’t want them watching things that could cause them to make fun of others or things for that matter. They learn so much from these videos if they watch them enough and we don’t pay attention to what they are watching, it can be an issue down the road.

You can check out the video for yourself, here.


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