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How my intuition yelled at me and my ask for help was answered.

Below is a story of how I asked the Universe for some desperately needed help and it came to the rescue with UberBike.

As a spiritual person, I am constantly asking the Universe for signs that I’m on the right track but not too often do I ask for help. Sure, I struggle financially here and there and on occasion or one-hundred, I ask for help getting a parking spot closest to the Walmart entrance but generally, I don’t ask for too much help until one night I found myself in a situation where my gut was telling me something was about to happen…

A friend and I had went out one evening and though we had been drinking, I was fairly sober as it wasn’t one of normal outings which often involve 20 drinks and Chinese food at a restaurant in Chinatown. I was waiting for the streetcar to come and since it was so late (around 3:00 AM), the next streetcar wasn’t coming for a while so I decided I was going to walk to the next streetcar stop over and over until I saw one coming – they’re only a couple of minutes of a walk between each stop. 

45 minutes later of walking and there was still no streetcar but at that point I was about three blocks away from my home. I also noticed a white van that was stopped on the same side of the street in which I was walking but by the time I had noticed it, I was really close. There were two men on either side of the sidewalk – one man leaning up against the fence and the other leaning up against the white van which had only windows in the front from what I could see. As I walk slower and continue to look at them watching me walk closer and closer to them, my intuition immediately gave me a feeling through my thoughts and body of danger and this normally doesn’t happen.

I’ve walked the streets of Toronto multiple times in the middle of the night and have been in weird situations but had never had a feeling of danger. Once this feeling hit, I was overcome with feelings of anger. I had figured if these guys were going to try to do anything, I needed to build up enough anger inside to be able to explode and fight with fury getting away. I don’t like to get filled with anger but I knew that this was a situation that I had approval from myself, to feel in order to do what I needed if anyone was to attack. 

As I looked away, down and across the street, I knew that if I ran, they could run after me and no one would see me. Though this was a busy street during the day, it’s pretty dead for almost 4 AM. I couldn’t run and I was getting even closer to them. It was like I could feel their eyes piercing at me. Inching ever so closer to these guys, about 20 feet away, the anger went to being scared but there was no turning back. That sacredness then went into full fledged adrenaline. I was prepared but didn’t want to fight. I gulped, looked up in the air for a moment and asked the Universe to protect me from the danger in which was about 20 feet in front of me.

“I know someone can see me, please protect me from the danger I see in front of me. I don’t care what you do, just please help me with this situation.” then I started to build up more anger, clutching one first and sliding my hand in my pocket to adjust my key in my hand to a position in which I could easily stab someone without losing my grip on the key.

Behind me I hear someone chatting – the voice went from faint to clear within a second and as I turn to my left, a man on a bicycle pulled up and said hello. I responded and giggled because at that moment I knew this was my saviour from the danger now 3 feet away from me.

“Hello” I respond. 

“Did you call for Uber Bike?” He asked.

I released the key from my death grip to a mediocre grip and then laughed quite hard for a moment because Uber Bike….I mean, it’s brilliant but I knew it didn’t exist. “Oh that’s so funny! How did you come up with that one? I love it!” 

At this moment, I walked through these two men (one was on the left and one on the right) looking at me with anger. 

“THANK YOU!” I said in my mind to whomever was listening and heard my request for protection.

Though I still had three short blocks left of walking to get home, he stayed with me and we chatted about how the city needs to provide more opportunities for people to get home because too many people walk alone in the middle of the night after the bar and it can be dangerous. I turned to look at the van again, the van with no windows on the side nor at the back. The men were in the van heading off.

As I get to the intersection of the street I was walking on and my street, I said, “Well, this is my stop. Thank you so much for walking with me!”

“You’re very welcome. I’ll be on my way home now, too. Have a great evening.” And he started to bike down the street. The kicker is that the end of my street was a dead end, it only gave you access to the Lakeshore (Hwy) and there are no houses for a very long time and on top of that, he was going the opposite direction of where he said he lived. 

I saw him bike down the street then looked into my hands to confirm I had the right keys in my hand.  Then looked back to him again and I couldn’t see him. He was not on the street and couldn’t have turned down any streets as he had already passed the only other dead end street there. It was also not enough time for him to bike over the highway….he was simply gone.

I stopped moving and looked up into the sky and again thanked whoever it was that brought that man to my side to keep me safe for those couple of moments. How grateful I was! There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that this was an act of a protector – I like to think it was my dad but whoever it was saved me a great deal of grief!

I think about this story a lot and how in my younger years, I did some really stupid shit to put my life in danger and this was sans kids. The above situation happened after I had both of my kids and the thought of something happening to me, losing my life making my children motherless gives me anxiety. Losing my father at the age of 13 was horrible. My life went from being a good kid to rebelling, marriage, pregnancies, smoking, drinking, drugs and so on. My relationship with my Mother wasn’t anything like I had with my dad so it was a struggle. Though I am sure my kids will grow up great with or without me, I want to be there for them and don’t want them to have to grow up without me.

I can tell you one thing – next time I’ll call an Uber.


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