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2 simple ways to add relaxation into your life.

A large percentage of adults in this world are stressed out and unfortunately, so are kids. I see a lot of posts around the internet telling people simple ways to allow less stress into your life and to ways to destress but a lot of those ways just don’t work because the stress just comes back. I speak of this because I have tried these techniques with fail except for two:

Meditation and essential oils.

Meditation has made a huge impact in not only my work life, but at home dealing with my kids and how I interact with others.

Meditation wasn’t easy for me at first. In fact, the first time I tried to meditate for just 5 minutes, within the first 3 seconds of that (and I know it was three because I was counting which obviously defeats the purpose) I was thinking about what I needed to get from the grocery store. That became into what I wanted to do in life then I started reminiscing about my Mustang. It was hard and frustrating; my thoughts were such as

This isn’t going to work for me. My brain is too busy thinking of other things and I just can’t do it.

But I was dedicated to understand how meditation could truly change your life, and not just with stress levels. After a month of trying for 5 minutes each day, I was successful at 5 minutes with less than a handful of times of my mind wandering off into the deep, dark forest of thoughts.

While in the whole process of meditating and learning about it, a new store here in the Eaton’s Mall had popped up so one stress filled afternoon at work I decided to head to the mall to get a quick back rub at one of the massage stores. As I’m peddling my butt through the mall, this smell of spa overcame me; lavender galore and I was loving it. As I got closer to the store without realizing it, the smell got stronger and I immediately felt more relaxed. The store was Saje Wellness, a Canadian natural wellness store that’s, well, all about healing naturally.

I’ll just quickly say that I was late for my massage and I was late getting back to work and walked out of there with two Ultra Sonic Diffusers, and a stress release diffuser blend. It’s been one of my favorite stores ever since.

My bedside setup

When I use this in my home and start my meditations, it really allows me to get relaxed and focused on my breath. It instantly relaxes (so long as you are not allergic) and when it comes to my kids, I use it at night time when it’s time to relax. Generally they are balls of energy and it’s hard to get them to chill out but when the diffuser is running, you can see a difference in terms of their activity. They are more inclined to sit and relax, watch a show or read a book with me.

It’s on in the evenings and on the weekends and when it comes to dealing with my kids when they are running around like nut balls, if I but the diffuser on, I’m not feeling like I want to throw their toys in the garbage or put them in separate bedrooms or even call their father to pick them up for the day. When I take them out to events or on excursions and I start to get anxiety, I use the lotion and it helps the anxiety. Not everyone might have the same reaction to the power of the essential oils and what they are to be used (best) for but I would absolutely say give them a try if you can.

This store has been one of my favourites since I realized it was around and it truly is a game changer when it comes to stress release. I have purchased many things from them including their Sacred Circle aromatherapy necklace – GORGEOUS – and any of their kits. If you look in my bag, there are always a minimum of two Saje products with me.

The stress release and lavender blends are essential for me when meditating at home or at work. With the products that Saje has, there is nowhere you need to go without having access to these blends at all times. The essential oils are a perfect combination for meditation and I wish I would have found them during that 30 day period while trying get that a 5 minute, uninterrupted meditation.

When I was finally up to being able to meditate for 20 minutes without much interruption, I finally ended up getting a MUSE Meditation Headband, which I will talk about in another post but this band has been extremely helpful in me understanding what’s happening to my brain during my meditations and is a powerful tool to help others.

With that said, there is no investment in meditation – you don’t need essential oils or the MUSE headband but they are just added bonuses if you can get them and use them in combination with your meditations. If you have never meditated before, you are probably one of those people wh, have said,

This isn’t going to work for me. My brain is thinking 24 hours a day. It can never just relax. How can I think about ‘nothing?’ This is just a waste of time.

Well, I was just like you and so were many others. No one can just start out meditating and shut their minds off immediately. It takes time and practise just like everything else but there are different types of meditations you can do but I would suggest going on YouTube and searching for guided meditations or simply find meditation music on YouTube, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Every thought you have, let it really just go through your mind and get back to focusing on your breathing.

Hey, if I can get my 5 year old to do it who is constantly talking and coming up with these great ideas about everything – you can do it.

Just start.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions of comments.


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