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Cookie lovers rejoice! The new fully loaded cookie you must try.

Sweet Flour Bake Shop is home to fresh baked cookies, ready-to-eat and ready-to-bake cookie dough, cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches and more. Whether it’s corporate, special occasion or just because you want a yummy treat, this place has delicious, mouth-watering treats that will have your taste buds going crazy.

From across Toronto to across Canada, Sweet Flour delivers fresh gourmet cookies & baked goods that inspire smiles, friendships, traditions, and above all, memories. From just because to just married, as they believe every moment is worth celebrating.

Recently, they came out with a new flavor explosion cookie called the Fully Loaded Cookie which the name says it all. These babies are a party in your mouth and there is something for everyone!

Fully Loaded Cookie

Golden Crunchie – Milk chocolate & golden honeycomb combo of a  Crunchie bar
Out of the Park – Sweet salty delight! Stuffed with Hershey’s caramelized creme Gold
Star Dust – Loads of rainbow sprinkles and chewy marshmallow chunks of the classic Rice Krispies treat.
Midnight Affair – Chocolatey Marshmallowy Goodness
Cinnamon Swirl Crunch – Swirls of heavenly cinnamon and bits of sweet icing with the perfect added crunch of their Cinnamon Sugar Crispy Cookies
Loaded Lemon – Stuffed with chunks of housemade buttery Lemon Shortbread and sweetened with creamy white chocolate chunks

This is just the beginning of the mouth water adventure that comes when you eat Sweet Flour baked goods. I had the pleasure of not only eating the Fully Loaded cookies but I’ve got a few more awesome items you should definitely try below. But before you go, head to Sweet Flour Bake Shop to get more information on these fully loaded cookies.

Ready to Eat Cookie Dough

When I get ice cream, it’s 2 scoops and always mint chocolate chip with Cookie Dough ice cream on the top. Never fails. Yet I have never been able to taste what cookie dough tastes like right out of a box. And this, my friends, is awesome. I was pretty sure that my daughter would not eat it but after seeing the delight on my eyes and the pleasant sound of “yummmmmmmmm” that came out of my mouth, it piqued her curiosity and she gave it a try.

Now, we are both hooked.

Unicorn Dream is what you see above and it tastes like it sounds – not like a Unicorn but definitely like a dream; original cookie dough taste, light and melts in your mouth. Sweet Flour has a smorgasbord of different flavors to choose from including:

  • Chocolate Chunk
  • Birthday Cake
  • M&M
  • Gluten Free Peanut Butter
  • Naked
  • After Dark
  • The Break-Up
  • Unicorn Dream
  • Butterscotch Toffee
  • S’mores
  • Ginger Molasses
  • Mini Egg

Plus, they have a few seasonal ones; check them out here. They have ordering options from 2 packs that serves 3 – 4 people all the way up to a 6 pack that serves up to 15 people. Party time! This ready-to-eat Cookie Dough is best enjoyed at room temperature. And what’s great is if you can’t eat it all, simply store in the fridge for up to 7 days.

Gourmet Filled Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? If you don’t, try one of these light and fluffy, center filled gourmet cupcakes. The perfect amount of icing and oh so moist. Whether it’s for a special occasion such as Mother’s Day (hint hint) or corporate celebration, Sweet Flour has you covered.

Not only do they do the original vanilla and chocolate cupcakes but they have an assortment of other options such as:

  • Pink Lemonade
  • Salted Caramel
  • Peanut Butter and Chocolate
  • Passion fruit
  • Cookie Cupcakes
  • Chocolate Trio
  • Neapolitan
  • Mini Cupcakes

Own a business or work in an office? Sweet Flour also does custom orders so you can get you can be the talk of the office when you bring in the company logo on some tasty cupcakes. Take a look at many of the options here.

Ready-to-Bake Cookie Dough

If you’re like me when it comes to baking (kind of lazy) and horrible at it, you must try these. Not only are these ready-to-bake cookie dough balls more melt-in-your-mouth goodness but they come in 17 pre-rolled dough balls and you don’t even have to push them down with a fork! The end result is truly magnificent; moist and delicious – two of the most important requirements in a cookie. They only take max 15 minutes to bake, a few minutes to cool then they are good to eat. You can find them here!


Fresh baked and made to order, these 4″ gourmet Signature cookies are the perfect treat any time of day. Or go all out and get custom designed cookies (such as below) for your special occasion or celebrations! Seasonal, corporate, baby showers birthdays and more. Creativity is at it’s best with these cookies if you ask me.

Kid approved!

Check out their sample here!

Events and Catering

They don’t limit their products and services to just a few options. There are many other ways you can take advantage of the delicious baked goods that they’re baking up!E

Ice Cream Sandwich Bar

Cookie Dough Bar

Party Favors

Custom Cookie Experience

Whether helping you choose the perfect gift or plan a special surprise, Sweet Flour Bake Shop is with you every step of the way. They take care of every detail of your order so that you can focus on what matters most – enjoying life’s sweet moments.

You can visit them at 130 Cawthra Ave., Unit 105, Toronto or head online to Sweet Flour Bake Shop to view their products and place an order.

Live in Toronto or the GTA? Want a chance to win a dozen fully loaded cookies? Click here to enter. Good luck to everyone! Giveaway end May 6, 2019 at midnight EST.

** Please note you will need to be able to pick up the cookies from their location if you win.


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