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You decide on the direction of your own life.

If each person could count on all of their fingers where they had to make decisions, we’d be a massive, hundred foot rolling balls of fingers. I think anyone over the age of 30 would be. Decision are a part of life and a part of everything you do.

Do you do the laundry today?
Do you shower tonight?
Do you strike up a conversation with the cute guy beside you?
Do you have a bubble bath or a shower?
Do you sit or stand?
Do you turn the TV on or sit in silence?

Everything we do, we make a decision on….except for the non-voluntary things like breathing, pooping or opening your eyes, though, I suppose you could say that is a decision as well.

Every decision you make, determines what is going to happen next. If you decide to turn left to take a short cut rather than go the route that is five minutes longer, you could miss something that you should have seen or get into an accident that could have been avoided. This is why intuition is so amazing. I won’t sugar coat it, those who are completely blocked off from their intuition for whatever reason, they won’t get those subtle nudges that will help us stay on the track we need to be on.

Before learning about what intuition was, I was all over the place. Though I was a good person, I made a lot of bad decisions. I believe all of the decisions in your life, good or bad, are lessons for you to live through – things you need to go through in order to learn how to deal with them in the future or lessons to share with others who might be going through that same thing. If no one ever had to learn anything, we would all be super powerful and highly evolved beings just roaming around the Earth with no real purpose.

I had a woman tell me just a few week ago that she was in a relationship that was somewhat abusive. Not physically but she labelled it as mentally and emotionally. Interesting! I, myself, had been through two horrible relationships; one abusive in both ways from the get-go and the other, emotionally abusive closer towards the end.

I won’t lie, it took me a long time, especially with the first one, to finally listen to my intuition which was telling me that this relationship was no longer serving a purpose to me. It was hard, but I finally found a way out. The decision to stay in those relationships was mine. Regardless of the fact that I had the guilt, the pressure and the scared feelings that came along with what would happen if I left. I stayed. I had ways to get out, people who would help me but along with the other pressures of leaving, I also wanted to stay in Toronto and I felt that if I didn’t, I’d be living back in my home town which I knew wouldn’t serve me in a good way.

I eventually got up the nerve to finally end the relationships. I don’t think they ever would have gotten physical but the point is, my decision to leave was mine and of course, it was the best decision I could have made, regardless of how hard it was.

With these stories, which I had elaborated on much more with her, we my way of helping another by providing her with the lesson that I had learned, finally, from the decision to stay in those relationships. My lessons was shared with her to allow her to understand the consequences of staying in a relationship like this and once she realized this, she was able to make more of an informed decision and finally end the relationship.

It’s a great feeling when you hear back from the people’s lives in which you affected in a good way – that they decision they made, was a positive step for them. She recognized that she had a decision she could make in regards to this relationship – she hadn’t gotten too far yet in which she would physically be unable to make her own decision in that relationship (eg physical abusive/captivity) and got out before that became a possibility. When she left, her spirit immediately felt free and great things started to happen in her life. Though for the first few days it was sad for her to leave him, she knew that it was the right decision.

There are, of course, reasons in which you might not have the ability to make a decision because you are in jail, you are being held captive, you physically cannot move or one has been so brainwashed that if one doesn’t get to them to help them, their decisions in life will always be made by another but unless we are in unfortunate situations like that, we always decide on our next step, the next path we choose and we cannot blame others for those decisions we make.

Do you have a story on a decision that you made, good or bad? Let me know in the comments below.


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