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How sharing a piece of you can impact others stories, too.

I posted a while ago, about how when doors open, it is our responsibility to look into ourselves for an answer. Our intuition works wonders for us and it’s there to help us, especially when it comes to decisions based upon our life choices and the roads best for us to go down.

But there is also another way in which doors can open and that is by speaking up. Every family, or shall I say every person, has issues and questions and for every question someone has, another person has the answer. We spend our lives always questioning why things happened or who did what and why. We blame and talk about things behind each others back but never really open up and talk about it. We fear people will judge us or take negative action towards us, even remove themselves from our lives, depending on the story.

I had an interesting experience twice in the past month which made me realize that by us keeping our stories to ourselves, we are providing ourselves with a disservice. Sometimes (actually, many times) when you open up and share a piece of your story, you, without knowing, are helping others. A few instances I’ve had over the past month with stories I shared are as follows: (note: I can’t give too much info away so I’ll be vague but as detailed as possible lol)

When chatting with a family member, let’s call her Jane, about a piece I am writing in my book, we got into discussing, let’s call her, Mary. I talked somewhat about my situation without being too detailed but as I continued to ask questions, she shared whatever answers she had, then I would share more of my story. There had always been ideas or maybe thoughts about how Jane thought a certain way of Mary and could only make conclusions as to why Mary was the way she was growing up. But it wasn’t until I opened up about the full story was when not only the light shed upon Jane about Mary and why she was the way she was; but I had more questions answered and some questions I didn’t even know I had yet.

Additionally, a few weeks ago, I was chatting with a woman who I had never met before, about random life things but I could see that she was feeling down – my gut was telling me that something wasn’t right so I was a door of opportunity to share a piece of my story, what I had went through and how I am growing out of it through my book and my stories. I could see a shift in her and a weight coming off of her shoulders. She felt safe and protected and she knew that me, as a stranger, could judge her but because I opened up, she knew that I, too, was vulnerable therefore there was no need for that fear. I continue to work with her on being able to open up, to share, to not be shameful and to be at peace with her story. I can start to see a new woman, one who can stand tall and accept the past, forgive and move on to serve others by opening up.

We are on this Earth to be all about me, me, me. We are on this Earth to help others; we are here to serve others with light, love and kindness. Sharing stories can be scary but remember that the Universe puts people in our places not only for our benefit, but for the benefit of others. If you feel in your gut that a story needs to be shared, that’s a sign that the door is being opened, the opportunity for you to share, ask questions and answers questions is there – so take it. It doesn’t have to be with a stranger but starting with family and friends is a good start and you’ll never know what things you’ll uncover when you become vulnerable enough to share.

If anyone decides that your story is unbelievable or not worthy of sharing, the door of opportunity might be that of recognizing this relationship will no longer serve you to help to serve others and it’s OK to walk away.

I speak to this because I can now see the many ways of that door opening up to allow me to open up and how it’s changed things for the better for me and others around me.


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