How not listening to my intuition bit me in the butt; an update on my book.

Listening to your gut, that feeling inside that just can’t explain, can be so hard for some and usually it’s because we fear that what we might be feeling is wrong. Why trust our gut over our logical mind, the mind that must know everything since it’s this almighty piece of machinery that can truly do amazing things, according to humans.

Though I am no scientist I can say that 100% of people in this world that are above the age in which they can start to think on their own, has had this feeling; no once but many times or hundreds of times, depending on your age or your life path. Whether you call is God, Spirits, Energy or whatever other word you might use, it is simply an unseen force, a great intelligence that is trying to get your attention.

Though I have a very good understanding of what our gut feeling is, what your intuition in fact derives from, at many points in my life I’ve unconsciously and consciously fear it. Depending on how strong the pull or the feeling is, I talk myself out of whatever my it is trying to tell me. And almost every time, the fear of that feeling has proven my judgement of that feeling, wrong.

In my book, you will see some examples of me hearing my intuition vs listening to it, following through if you will. But a most recent example of this was this week while at work.

Two of my Partners that I support are travelling this week. One which was going to Ireland and the other was going to Calgary. I knew that both of their flights and hotels were booked because I had the email proof. On Monday, I started to get this feeling that I should just double check on the Calgary trip yet nothing was telling me to check on the Ireland trip which was much longer and much more important.

But of course, my Ego (my mind) kept reminding me that I saw the confirmations for flight and hotel so all is good; no need to think more about it. I did however, the week before, call the travel agency to make a slight adjustment to the flight which was completely separate from the hotel room I booked. Confirmation of the flight change came through so again, all was good. All of this kept running through my head while my gut still kept giving me little hits of,

“Hey, you should just double check on this trip.”

Yesterday while working away, I get a text from the Partner in Calgary. He just landed and got to his hotel.

“Yeah so they have my room cancelled. Marriott has my room cancelled. So I don’t have a room.”

My heart sank and my mind started to race wondering what happened. I knew I didn’t cancel the room and I quickly went through all of my emails to confirm there was nothing that came back stating as such.

Nothing. There was nothing.

I had to respond feeling like a fool, like I had failed him. But almost immediately I changed my frame of thinking. No. I am not an idiot – I know I didn’t cancel it and even if I did, it was a simple mistake. I started to feel better about my response.

I respond with a surprised emoticon face first. “I don’t know why that would have happened but let me check into it.”

He then advised that it was OK and he managed to get another room.

This was it. This was that gut feeling telling me to check on this trip because someone at the agency ended up cancelling the hotel when they adjusted his flight but no email confirmation was sent to me.

I am lucky to work with some really great people – people who are understanding and who are compassionate to those of others. I know there are unfortunately many people in my workplace that would have been shunned for something like this happening, their fault or not.

Aside from all of that, this is an example of when your intuition comes through, not to dismiss it and not to make excuses for why you are dismissing it. Every time you get a hunch, a gut feeling about something; whenever you are being pulled to something, action it. Even if it makes you feeling uncomfortable, without harm. It may not have an impact on you and it may be the smallest thing. It may not even be something you realized but in the long run ends up helping someone else and not even knowing it.

This week has been an interesting one when it comes to my intuition. I have been working at being more aware of the gut feelings that are coming in.

Some of those that follow me on Instagram might remember a post I put up not long ago talking about my book and how I was giving up on writing it becuase it was all about the experiences I’ve had in life which all, at the time, sucked. I was now going to focus on the positive things and sharing the greatness of everything I have learned. But my intuition kept pulling me and pulling hard for me to continue this book and that all happened this week.

During a meditation I asked God what I should be doing. Great, I have access to all this great information, I am applying it and sharing what happens but is that all I should be doing? As I sit there in darkness hearing only a faint sound of the dance music playing in the meditation space (which I am not a fan of but it’s not all about me), I see this picture that lasted less than a second but the interesting thing was is that I knew exactly just by that picture, what I needed to do. It was like that little snippet picture of that book contained a minutes worth of conversation and explanation but without just seemed into my knowingness.

It was my book and though I could not see, I knew deep within that I needed to keep at it. I just needed to reword and restructure how I was writing it in order to combine what would have to be two books, into one which is what I originally wanted to do.

Pay attention to those feelings because they are there for the good of you.


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