Ever knew something crazy was about to happen and it did? A Tornado prediction.

I love to talk about intuition – how you Self tries to get your attention to not only warn you about potential dangers but to also move you in the right direction and to experience wonderful things.

Most of us don’t pay attention to our gut instincts until the moment something happens. Your gut was telling you not to turn down that street but you didn’t listen and got side swiped. Of course, it doesn’t have to be as big as that but as an example, we just don’t listen to our guts until it’s too late.

My younger years, I don’t remember a lot of listening to my gut. It’s probably because I was too busy thinking I knew everything! In fact, I don’t remember my intuition ever kicking in from the age of 35 onwards, except once on June 2, 1998. I’ll never forget that day.

Thanks to a summer co-op placement at the local pizza shop (Godfathers), I was given a part time job as a pizza maker. I quite enjoyed the job – I mean, I got free pizza so that’s a total bonus right there!

It was a Tuesday, later in the afternoon and pretty quiet. We were preparing for the dinner rush that was going to happen a couple of hours later so I start to prep the toppings. There were only two of us there, the manager and myself. I pull out a large chuck of salami and I start to slice it, putting each individual slice on top of another finally ending with a pile of 9.

An odd thing to do would be to count all of the pieces in each pile but my intuition was telling me to do just that. I stopped the salami cutting machine, moved over a few inches and picked up the first pile.

There were 10. So I move to the next pile. There were 10. Moving onto the next. There were 10 more. I was intrigued yet thought it was pretty cool that I had been unknowingly putting 10 pieces of salami in each pile. Not once while slicing these things did I ever count how many I was putting in each pile.

So I kept counting and ending at pile 9. Before I start to count the final pile, I got an odd feeling in my stomach. I tell myself,

“If there are 10 in this pile, it means something bad is going to happen.”

I had no idea what this bad thing was and I didn’t even understand why this thought had even come to my mind but I pressed on…

6, 7, 8…..hold crap….9….10

I turn to my right to look at my manager.

“Something bad is going to happen, like a Tornado.” I tell her calmly. I think I was so calm because my human mind thought there was no way just because I accidentally put 10 pieces of salami in each pile, that meant something bad was going to happen.

She looked at me like I was crazy. “What do you mean? A tornado? How do you know that?” she asks me.

I looked down at the pieces of salami. “I don’t know.” I shrug. I begin to explain to her about my 9 piles of 10 pieces of salami. “My gut is telling me something bad is going to happen. Something bad and I don’t know why I’m saying Tornado.” I continue.

“Oooook.” she grumbles whilst rolling her eyes.

My ego started to overpower that sense of knowing – I couldn’t explain it but it was like a download of information and I just knew. It was as if someone was talking to me but I didn’t actually hear a voice.

Maybe she was right. Maybe I was crazy. So I moved on and started to wrap the pieces of salami into a large pile and got ready to place them in the fridge.

I hadn’t been paying attention to what it was like outside. It was a nice summer’s day but you could tell the sun wasn’t out at this point – it just seemed like it was cloudy. That was, until it got darker and darker and small piece of debris (looked like piece of garbage flew out of a garbage bin) started breezing down the street. Not seconds later the heavy glass door to the entrance of the store was slaming opened and closed while more and bigger pieces of debris were flying down the street.

I turn around to look at my manager, not sure as to what was happening or what I should even do.

“Hurry, go lock the door!” she screams over to me.

I was scared. I still at this point had no idea what was going on but I was afraid of getting sucked out the door. As I grab the slamming door and pull it as hard as I could to ensure it closed hard enough for me to turn the lock, the lights went out. I turned behind me and look up into the sky through the almost floor to ceiling windows.

It’s like it’s night time and not just that, things were now flying through the air.

“Come on! We have to get downstairs in the basement!” my manager shouts to me.

I run to the back of the building where she was standing. WE were both freaked out not only about what was going on but that we now had to go downstairs into this black basement (which I had never been in before) where there were no lights.

“I don’t know where there is a flashlight. We won’t be able to see anything!” she screams.

I was of no help. I just kept thinking if we were downstairs and the building collapsed, we would get stuck down there and probably die. I felt somewhat paralyzed.

Thankfully, before we had to take out first steps into that deep, dark basement, everything became still. There were no more noises from the outside, no noise inside; it was just pure silence. We look at each other shocked because we both knew what just happened.

“OMG. How did you do that? How did you know we were going to have a Tornado? Was it on the news?” she frantically starts asking me.

As I start to head towards the front of the store to open up the door, I kept saying,

“I have no idea how I knew that. I have NO IDEA how I knew but I told you! Now do you think I am crazy?” I ask. Sure, she probably thought I was even more crazy seeing as I just predicted a Tornado not five minutes before.

I open up the doors and walk outside. It was a mess. Trees were in the streets but I hadn’t yet seen all the damage that was done to many of the houses and cities.

At this point in time, I was living with a boyfriend at his parent’s house. After being given the OK to leave, I ran home. There was a massive tree that had been growing in the backyard for what seemed like over 100 years. It was thick – it would probably take four or five of me to hug it properly. In front of it, an old car that hadn’t been running in years had sat. The tree was still there but completely uprooted with a portion of it lying on the back part of the house. The car was now only on two wheels while the other two wheels where up in the air resting on that massive uprooted tree.

I called my Mom to see if their house was OK. It was as were they.

Turned out this F1 Tornado had taken down houses, trees, churches and injured 3 people. The damage totaled around 2.5 million dollars.

At first I walked around thinking I was Queen B because somehow I was now psychic. I didn’t tell a lot of people because I kept thinking about that look that my manager gave me regarding the only explanation I could provide her with. I didn’t want people giving me that look or feeling weird around me wondering if maybe I made it happen.

You would think after that experience I would listen to my intuition a bit more but I had no idea that’s what it was. I thought it was a fluke – I didn’t know what intuition was and was never told about gut feelings.

I am very big on teaching my kids about going with their gut; listening to their intuition. If I would have known about this inner voice sooner, things could have been a lot easier in life and a whole lot more fun!


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