Law of Attraction

That time I wanted to talk to dead people.

It’s been maybe a week – yes, a week since I sat down for a day to watch all the videos I possibly could on the Law of Attraction. It simply amazes me that it took me this much time, 38 years, well, let’s say 28 years, to figure this all out.

So many questions that I had about life were answered not only in those 8 hours of videos but also in the hours upon hours that I have spent reading books, specifically into the Abraham teachings. Though when you had spoken to me about these words years ago, I would have thought you were crazy, I can now see how exactly the Law of Attraction works!

It is easy to now see how important these three Laws of the Universe are in my (and your) every day life. The Law of Attraction, Science of Deliberate Create and the Art of Allowing.

Everything in my life has indeed been affected by the LOA. I attracted it. All of it. No exceptions. Those who know me and some of the situations I had happened in the past would say,

“Ummm, Christine, are you crazy? How could you, when you were so young, ever asked for someone who sexually abuse you?”

And you are right to ask that question because I asked myself that question for the last week upon reading and listening to these words. It seem implausible that anyone would ever attract any sort of abuse, emotionally, physically, verbally, sexually ect.

But now I can understand how and why it all happened. I have invested little time in the LOA but learned so much in that short time, and I will continue to immerse myself in everything I can about it, but I will also live it.

I’ve lived way too many of my years being the “victim” blaming myself, blaming others, feeling sorry for myself and others when I really didn’t have to – in fact, I shouldn’t have been doing that nor should I have been feeling those things. But, because those around me were unaware of the powers that each of us had to turn our lives around, I made myself suffer. Though were are Beings of growth, always wanting and needing to expand, I went through those life experiences and to the credit of those, I have expended. I slowly but surely opened up.

I asked, I wanted and I expected….and of course, I received.

It’s interesting to see how the LOA brought forth to me my journey, the spiritual journey I am speaking about. When I take a look at the LOA, here is what happened.

I was watching a lot of Long Island Medium. I desperately wanted to get a reading from her becuase I wanted to get in contact with my Dad who was on the spirit side. That longing turned into a wanting to talk to him myself.

“I want to talk to my Dad.” I set out the request, the desire.

I held onto that thought and would often picture myself being able to talk to him. How it was going to happen, I didn’t know but I didn’t shoot the thought down. At the point, I enjoyed just being in the moment and having that feeling of connecting to him.

After my father-in-law passed, he got my attention days later by a whiff though my nose. I could smell that distinct house smell of theirs and at that time, there was no denying that it was coming from nowhere else in my apartment.

That catapulted me into speaking to a Medium and from there, my attention was focused on me being able to connect to spirit. Hey, if others could, I wanted to. Not only that, I had a deep desire to want to do this.

I wanted to help people – this was also a desire so the two desires I had provided me with enough excitment and emotion that eventually, it happened. Not only did I have the ability to communicate (not yet in the way I was expecting), but I could see things with my own eyes. I could feel them, I could hear them. It was really such an amazing experience.

This got me to go even deeper. I was going full fledged into this because I wanted it so bad and seeing as though I had been able to communicate with spirit prior to this moment, I wanted more. I knew I could do it. The passion grew deeper.

Great things started to happen. Apports – ever heard of those? I started seeing APPORTS! I would see thigns floating in front of me. I was loving it! New inspirations started within me and not only was I now doing this but I was also focused on random acts of kindness; something I never thought of in my lifetime.

Everything was going great – until, my husband and I split. THe split, the emotional issues I was having for the reason of the split and the fact I was now living with two children, 6 month and 3 years, on my own, everything else took a back seat.

I still had that desire within me. Regardless of what I might have been going through, that desire was still there, I just needed to pull it back out again. I wanted it but I wasn’t quite ready for it. I would talk myself out of it. I knew I was able to see and hear and feel spirit so I would also walk around my house covering my eyes in hopes for me to not see a spirit sitting at the end of my bed.

I had never once been afraid when I would hear, see or feel any spirit around me but for some reason, I kept pushing it away. I knew I had the ability and the desire but why was it not coming back….even thoguh I was doing my mediations and had the desire.

The LOA helped me realize that the vibration I was giving off, wanting this thing, wanting to be a medium was hugely counteracted by the vibtration of not wanting to see or hear spirit unexpectedly or the lack of abuility that I thought I had. I doubted myself a lot becuase I thought I should be like the other mediums on TV and I was not yet at that point.

Thinking back to when I had that desire, with very little energy putting forth except the desire and the emotion of it, it was coming and it was coming FAST. I wasn’t expecting to get the things I recieved but the more I recieved, the more excited I became. And of course when I thought my world was falling apart, I let my fears, my discouragements and everything else counteract that great feeling I had when I was doing what I loved.

Every negative emotion I was having throughout that phase of my life had counteracted with the desire. I wanted it. I spoke the words that I wanted it, I felt the emotion of wanting it but along with that, I was doubting myself big time.

It’s since come back, the desire, and now that I have realized exactly how I made it happen and how I made it stop, I can now focus on that desire. I can do the work I need to, or need not to, feel the emotion (becuase that’s a big piece of LOA) and expect it.

Seriously, it’s that easy.

I don’t need to prove anything – no one needs to prove anything to anyone. Really, they don’t. But I believe it’s important for people to see things happen rather than just hear people talking about it. That in which they say, “words do not teach, that only life experience teaches” is very correct. I am simply here to share my experience. I am not here to talk about every aspect of my life but to share the progress and the journey so if you care to make it happen for yourself, you will see it with your own….eyes.

And yes, I want to win the lottery. I’ve been very focused on that! 😀


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