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My first physical contact experience with non-physical energy. AWESOME!

I LOVED and still LOVE playing with the energies of the Universe and I’ve always wanted to tell people about the stories I have. Some of these stories are SUPER cool and of course, happened when I was really in the zone or not in the zone at all. So I’ve been having this desire to get those stories out, one by one over time.

Originally I was going to write a book about these experiences but in the end, it just didn’t happen. So now that this tiny book is sitting here on my laptop and I feel that pull to share, I have decided to just go with it.

I must tell you, I haven’t have the experiences with these energies in quite some time. At least, not to the extent that I was used to in previous years. It really sucks because the coolest stuff would happen to me! I just loved playing around and seeing all the fun and great things that could happen. I do get my numbers still, anytime I am really connecting to my Vortex, but when I’m out of it, it stops. Nothing cool happens anymore and the sadness I feel from feeling the lack of connectedness makes the lack even worse. So lacking things is no longer in my vocabulary because it’s really screwed me over here!

These stories will be in no particular order, they will simply be pulled from the book in the order that I have them which is basically as I remember, I input. So here it goes…

One evening I decided to take everything I had in order to try to connect with spirit.  Tarot cards, crystal ball, crystals, pendulums, angel cards and anything else I could think of to somehow finally connect. If someone who even know me, came into my house they would have thought I was on drugs.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything and I had recently just leaned of the term spirit guides. But I sat there and talked to who or whatever was listening to me. I was telling them what I wanted, then I would meditate, I’d sit and stare at my crystal ball then stare at a candle. I was hoping I would hear something.

It was about an hour or so into me trying to get something from the spirit guides, angels or even a deceased person. Although I had no idea what I was to look out for, I patiently sat there waiting to hear or see something.

“Alright guys, I’m not sure exactly what you are, what you look like or what you can do but here I am, I’m like a crazy cat lady but with crystals and a crystal ball, trying any way I can to connect to a spirit. It’s been over a month, why can’t I do this?

What am I doing wrong?

Do you even exist? I’m so frustrated. Is anybody listening to me?

If anyone is here with me right now, please give me a sign so I know this is real.

I sit and I wait, looking around but nothing happened.

Really with no thoughts going through my mind, probably getting ready to pack everything and put it into a box, a loud whooshing sound enters my left ear that vibrated entirely on the left side of my face as though someone had a mouth like a fan blowing into my ear inches away from me yet I felt no breathe; it was just a vibration on the side of my face!

The sound was so loud – it really sounded like someone blew directly into my ear yet I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t feeling scared. I mean, I knew something was right beside me yet I couldn’t see it – who wouldn’t be freaked out!?

Then, my body started to get lighter and the goose bumps started but these weren’t regular goose bumps, these were monster goose bumps to the point where it started hurting as they continued to rise. I had never felt goose bumps like these before. They were getting so big it was like my skin started getting super tight, yet somehow I was still not afraid.

The whooshing sound lasted for about 2 seconds but the goose bumps stayed for about 6 more seconds. It was 100% clear to me that something was around me so I calmly said,

“OK, you proved it. I know someone is here with me. So thank you so much for giving me this sign, can you please stop that now? It’s kind of hurting.”

With that said, the goose bumps subsided and I sat there in disbelief. The lightness I felt and their energy connecting with my entire body was the most amazing thing I have ever felt. Sure the whooshing in my ear wasn’t the most gentle (yet it was) and even writing this, I can’t believe I wasn’t scared out of my mind but I love to know that they had a part in that. Spirit had the ability to make me feel safe and calm and obviously they helped me because normally I would have run up out of my chair and out the door, even though I was asking for it.

This is one of the two instances though my spiritual experience where I could physically feel the presence of spirit. It’s really the coolest thing. When I tell others about this, you can see the hairs standing up on their arms just by talking about it – they get so freaked out and I can understand why. If I had no interest in connecting with Universal energies, I probably would crap my pants just hearing about it but I do and I want more.

This is one of the reasons why I have started to meditate every day. It seems as though meditation along with the desire and understanding that I can do this, can really set it into gear to make it happen.

The only issue is now is that I have to start all over. Getting to the space where I can finally let my mind relax and feel true relaxation is going to the “hard” part.

Ohhh I am so excited!


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