Law of Attraction

An “In The Vortex” Experience. SO FUN!

Yesterday I had the most interesting and amazing experience.

For the past three weeks I have had this daily routine of thinking happy. Changing my mindset to focus on the positive, regardless of what might be going on around me has truly changed everything and after three weeks of doing this, I am now seeing the benefits of it.

Abraham-Hicks has been talking about looking for the positive aspects. If there is something you don’t like, notice it and then focus on the positive aspects of that situation, thing or something else completely. It seemed kind of odd that I would just turn my head to any negative situation or thought because it felt like I was being selfish. If someone was down, I would normally try and help them just because that is who I always have been. But the teachings recently have taught me why it’s important not to get involved in other peoples stuff. I’m not talking about ignoring them because of ignorance but I was testing this theory out.

So, I made it a priority over the last three weeks to do my affirmations, think positive, think about the things I want rather than what I don’t want or don’t like, visualizations and really feeling all the feels in the excitement of those visualizations. Every morning before waking up I would visualize the things I wanted, I would say positive things, I would meditate every day at work and before I go to bed, I would talk about the great things in my life. I have even got my kids involved and on the happy thought train so much so that she would catch me saying something that wasn’t the happiest thought and remind me that I need to think positive. This is coming from a 7 year old. My 3 year old son simply wakes up and asks me each morning if I had won the lottery yet.

But there was something else called the Vortex; think of it as a legit Vortex that has the vibration of all things you have ever wanted and haven’t wanted….all there, waiting to be delivered to you but before that can happen, at least for the so-called great things, you needed to be in the feeling of the Vortex; you need to be in alignment with it and when you are, you feel amazing! Yet, no matter how much I would hear these offerings, I couldn’t really wrap my head around this feeling of being in this Vortex, being connected to Source. How is it supposed to feel? I just kept hearing over and over that I needed to just feel happy, feel excitement, feel all the good feels about everything you could. So of course, testing this theory out, that is exactly what I’ve been doing.

Yesterday as I am standing at my desk doing expenses and booking meetings for my Partners, something I am not particularly excited about, I started to think about all the good things in life. I would think about the things around me and all the positive aspects of that. I was bored at my job and wanting something different – over the past months I’ve been struggling with new employment opportunities but decided these past three weeks to of course, think about the positive aspects of this job and there were many. I didn’t realize how many great things there were because I was so focused on the things I didn’t like, the things I didn’t want and the things I was lacking in this position and the company in general.

As I kept standing there thinking of all these great things, something overcame me. I felt this oddly powerful overly-joyed feeling. It was so powerful that I began to tear up from all the happiness that I was feeling. It lasted for about 10 seconds and the feeling then subsided because I started to look deep into that feeling and tried to understand what it was. What I realized even before I tried to realize what it was, was that I was feeling that feeling. I was feeling that feeling of what it was like to be in that Vortex, to be connected, to feel what Source energy feels like.

I felt amazing and thankfully no one around me was staring cause they probably would have asked me if I was OK from my tears rolling down my face! 😀

I have learned so much about myself and about life in these past three weeks. I have learned that yes, there are things that we call bad or that we don’t enjoy or don’t like but there are always positive things about situations and things that surround us that we don’t see because we are always so focused on what it in front of us. But those positives can absolutely outweigh the negativity; it’s all in how you look at the things around you. That feeling was one of the best feelings I have ever experienced in my life and though it may not be a sustainable feeling all day every day, it certainly is a feeling that you can experience at least once or more a day.  

During my quest for manifestations, I learned a little rule. When you ask for things, you need to start accepting things. If you ask the Universe for a pile of money or a new car or a new job, as you become in alignment with your ask, little things start to form and so you have to take them! In doing that, you are showing the Universe that you asked and no matter how small it is, you are accepting! So financial prosperity is obviously something that I am focused on but there are other things in which I am asking the universe for. I am saying, “I want, I want, I want” so in return, it’s starting to give. When people start to offer you things, no matter how little, you need to accept them. If someone offers to buy me coffee, I usually say no. Well, what is that saying to the Universe? I’m asking and receiving but not taking. That is contradicting everything I am asking for!

  • Someone randomly gave me a gift card in the grocery store to use on my visit; I accepted without realizing it.
  • A client recently asked if he could take me out for lunch; I accepted his offer – we are going next week.
  • Today, a girl sitting at the desk across from me asked if I wanted a chocolate; I said no thanks….at first. Then I was like OH NOOOO! I’ve been asking to get things, someone is giving me something and even though it’s a small piece of chocolate, I want the Universe to know that I am allowing things to come to me and happily accepting them…no matter how small.

Over the last three weeks I have been focused on my manifestations but am now in the process of finally letting them go, letting them swirl in my vortex and focus myself on getting aligned as often as I can. I have noticed little things starting to happen such as people smiling at me more, people notice that I am extremely happy even when I don’t realize it, so much less stress, happier people around me, things are being offered to me, jobs I want are opening up and so much more! A lot more than when I was just living life waiting for someone to save me from my job or to meet a millionaire husband so I could meditate all day. I am legit a Positive Polly!

I am so excited to keep this momentum going and to see what greatness and adventure is about to come. I am so grateful that I have learned what I have, each step, over the past 6 years in the way that it was revealed to me. I am going all out on this one and am SO READY!


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