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G I V E A W A Y // Tile App: Best Bluetooth tracker for your children

If you have children, losing them in a crown, or anywhere for that matter, is one of the worst feelings in the world. The fear inside of you kids into the highest of all gears and you start panicking and running around screaming for your child.

Being a single parent with a now six year old who is very interested in things and walks ahead and then off to learn more about them and a three year old boy who disappears into thin air after aimlessly following behind, I find it extremely hard. Unless I have one sitting in the cart (who screams when I put him in) so I can have my eye on the other, I am filled with anxiety at all times.

A while ago I had take the kids to the Ontario Science Center on Family Day; that was a mistake. I had a massive headache, kinks in my neck and probably a bit of whiplash from whipping my head left, right and center trying to keep my eyes on both kids. If you’ve never been there before, it’s just a disaster if you are going with more than 1 kid on your own. I told myself I wouldn’t be coming back again but the problem was that I already told my daughter I’d take her alone so we could have a Mommy and Me day PLUS I had already made plans with a friend to go back weeks after with her husband and child.

After a few close calls when it came to a heart attack from losing the kids, I knew there was something I was going to need in order to keep my sanity if I was going to take them anywhere ever again.

There were a few suggested ideas and products but either the reviews were bad, they would take too long to get to me or the prices were a bit too high for what I was going to use them for. I didn’t want to track my kids everywhere they went, I just wanted a simple way for me to know they were around when we went out.

That’s when I found Tile. Now Tile is branded as a “never lose your items again” type Bluetooth product. Find your keys, your phone, a mouse, your favorite bra…anything you want! So, I figured there would be an option to use them on your kids. I searched, but no luck. That didn’t deter me, though. I knew that from the reviews that it was good and it did the job so I went along and purchased them through Amazon. Of course, if they didn’t work, I could return them for a refund.

When I received them the next day, I immediately put them on the kids, tested them out and them seem to work well. The real test would be at the Science Centre where it was loud and filled with crazy children running around all over the place. And to my delight, it worked wonders.

  1. It was small, thin and easy to attach – I could easily attach it to the kids clothing without them knowing it was there which was a bonus for my son because he hates anything on him except clothes and PJ Mask shoes.
  2. By using the “locate me” on the app, you can easily see the approx. area as to where your item (aka child) is. Though it’s not down to the meter, it still shows a fairly good approximation which was good enough for me. The range for the Tile app is 300 meters.
  3. It doesn’t require charging. Each Tile runs for a full year and when it’s time for a new replacement you will be notified. Sweet!
  4. Tile can also help you find your phone (assuming you have the app on that phone). Simply press the button twice on your Tile to make your phone ring….even when it is on silent!
  5. It’s LOUD! I think this is what I love most about it. When we are out, I tell her that when she hears the noise, she is to come back to the safe spot which is where I will be waiting for her. This place was loud but the Tile was so loud that there was no way she couldn’t hear it. Every time I pushed that button, she’d come out to find me. No more searching!
  6. If your item isn’t where you last had it, select “Notify When Found” in the app and when any device in the Tile community simply passes by your missing item, you’ll automatically be notified of its most recent location. This feature works 100% anonymously and automatically to protect your privacy.

I’ll be honest, I don’t use this product on anything else except my children. I may be the only person using the Tile App on the kids but I can promise you it is an absolute life saver when it comes to tracking kids at events ect. If there is a product that I can promote (with no strings attached) this would be one of them.

I want to say again, the best part about this product is the sound. Even if you are in a loud place and you can’t hear the tile going off, there is no way your child can’t hear it. If they don’t come to find you, it would be from the simple fact that they are just ignoring it and/or pressing the button on the Tile to shut it off.

Tile App Tracker

Best way to nip that in the butt is by placing it smack dab in the middle of their back where they can’t touch it. Ha ha ha!

So for the even better news – I only have two children yet I purchased 4 Tile’s. I think people saving their hearts and their kids is more important than me trying to find my keys that I simply misplaced or a phone that I can order again if I lose it. I truly believe that this is a great investment rather than having to purchase monthly plans IF you don’t want to continuously track your children. I’ll save that for when they’re teenagers 😀 So what that said, if you want to give it a try, head over to Tile App website or to purchase yours.

OR you can win one by entering the giveaway. Good luck!

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