From just #momlife to sharing a journey of trauma and loss with Zen living.

Have you ever had something in your life continue to repeat itself or show itself? Maybe it’s an interest in something or a person that somehow keeps showing up in front of you in random places that one would never expect you to find them? Have you ever had signs clearly showing you that you are on the right track but just don’t know what it is?

I’m moving my site into a different direction because this is actually happening to me. Without going into too much detail (that will be for another post), about five years ago I was introduced into spirituality, meditation, mindfulness and Mediumship. After a lot of meditation practice, amazing things started to happen but then life got in the way and my goal that I was working toward had fell behind and I forgot about it.

Over the past five years, this has happened to me over and over again. Just when I think that all of the work I was putting into with my meditations was working for me, something would happen and I would fall off the track. I would get caught up in the new job or raising my kids that I would forget and one day, something would happen – I would get this glimpse of what it felt like to be connected – connected to the Universe and I would get pulled back in. Everything would be amazing once I started meditating and then eventually something else came in to snatch up my time. This would happen over and over again.

I have been one to ask the Universe on multiple (or should I say thousands of) times what exactly my purpose in this life is and never thought I got a straight answer. When I finally awoken, that light inside of me was shining so bright, it’s hard to explain to you how amazing my life had truly felt…yet I had no idea that this was the answer I was looking for. What I was looking for was right in front of my face but because I allowed the every day responsibilities and activities of life get in the way, I had somewhat failed and not only once, but four times.

I was told by a Medium that was once under a trance in a reading, that regardless of what I did in my life, this feeling, this push, would continue to follow me no matter what I did. This feeling that I have always wanted to feel and finally felt but let it pass, would continue to show up in my life as a way to say,

“Hey, remember me? I’m back – now let’s get going!”

But ‘let’s get going about what?’ Well…that’s another post. But let me just say this…

It came back again and this time it came back strong. The Universe came knocking at my door again telling me that it was time to get back on the saddle and do this.

Over the years all I have said is that I wanted to help people – that was my goal. I wanted people to stop worrying so much about everything going on with their lives and I knew I could help. But it didn’t stop there because after watching Long Island Medium and then getting a reading done myself, something within me sparked a desire to communicate with those who had passed to give messages to their loved ones.

My first reading with a Medium who connected with my Father, Grandmother and Father-in-Law at the time, was spot on and that reading changed the trajectory of my life. I focused on becoming Medium ever since but of course, that ego got it in the way and I gave up each and every time I started to get close. So here I am, feeling the emotions of wanting to help others not only in their lives but for those looking to connect with their loved ones who have passed. I never knew that my life was going to make such a flip yet here we are.

This blog will now be not just focused on my motherhood life but it will have a big focus on sharing my story. A story of my past traumas, loss of family, friends and my marriage and the journey of being a single mother of two young kids all while trying to keep a full time job, stay spiritually sane and work on becoming the best person I can be all the while working hard toward my coaching and mediumship goals. I feel like I’m crazy and I may be so here I’m bringing you all along the ride.

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