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Today I’m 38 and I’m loving it!

As parents, we celebrate each birthday our kids have, not because we have to but because we want to. It’s a celebration of life and it’s a good reason to do it! But what about the parents? What about those As people, we tend to celebrate our birthdays a lot less as we get older and parents, well, for a lot of us, celebrations for us don’t exist.

There is always a reason not to celebrate.

“I’m not celebrating getting older – basically I’d be celebrating that I’m another year closer to death. Yippe”

“What’s there to celebrate?”

“Oh, yeah, let’s celebrate that I’m 40 and work at the local coffee chop for pennies an hour.”

There is always some sort of negativity around birthdays as adults; parent or not. I’ve been one to celebrate my children’s birthdays of course, but have been one of those Negative Nancy’s always making some sort of excuse why not to celebrate – and I’m fed up.

Celebrating your birthday isn’t about highlighting that you are another year older, a failure at at life at the age of 40, too old to enjoy anything or whatever other excuse you might have. It’s about celebrating the day that you were lucky enough to be born and have a chance at life – struggles or not. Celebrating what you have been though, what you have overcome and what you have done, those who you’ve had the pleasure to know and love ect. It’s about appreciating you as a person and giving yourself one day to acknowledge you have made it another year and are grateful for the life you have.

Life throws us some real shit balls but for those of us who are lucky to get through it, it’s another chance to keep going and making positive changes and decisions, loving, living and laughing. We need to celebrate our live past, present and future.

Today is my birthday. And damn it, I am going to start to celebrate these birthday’s rather than complain about them. I have a reason to celebrate – I have made it through things that I didn’t think I could, I have amazing children and though I still struggle financially, I celebrate that I have a job and that I have amazing people that I work with and for, I celebrate the fact that I have goals and ambitions and that I am raising my two kids to be wonderful, kind, compassionate human beings. I celebrate the family in my life and that one friend. I celebrate those who have hurt me because it shows me how strong I am able to be to get past that.

There are so many reasons to celebrate.

Put forth as much effort that you put forth to your child(ren)’s birthday, into your own birthday. Bring out the balloons, the cake, bouncy castles and champagne and pop that bubbly to celebrate all the shit you have done and gone through and that you can still do and will go through.

Celebrate you like you’d celebrate your kids 1st birthday, sweet 16 or they’re moving out party. If you don’t have kids, celebrate like you just won the lottery. Whatever it is, give it to yourself to take that one day out of 365 days to celebrate everything about you.


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