Be Still. 3 weeks of letting only my intuition guide me.

I am always asking myself (yes, I talk to myself) why everything happens in this world. I am always wondering why things happen to me, to animals, to friends, family, things….everything!

I am a big believer in everything happens for a reason and I could just leave it at that, but I don’t. My inquisitiveness comes out. When something bad happens, I would find myself questioning why. When I don’t get the job, I get all frustrated and try to pick through the pieces and figure out:

  • What went wrong?
  • What did I not have that they wanted?
  • What did I say to deter them from me?
  • Who was I competing against?
  • How are they so much better than me?
  • What is next?
  • Where do I go from here?
  • Why do I always get to the last interview and fail?
  • What does this all mean?
  • Why is this happening?

And I do it all over again until eventually, days later, I can’t think about it anymore and I give up wondering. I am always wondering how the world works and why we are given certain opportunities while others don’t, why some are homeless and others have enough money to create their own village.

Why? Why? Why?

The past two weeks I have been trying to stop wondering about everything that happens and how the world works and let it just work the way it does; remember, there is a reason for everything, even the bad things.

Each of us is here and given a job to do; we each have a talent that we need to find (through listening and feeling) and we need to use that to bring good to this world. I have been fortunate enough to experience some of the wondrous things the Universe has to offer to you when you really get connected with your Self and stop the thinking and worrying, allowing the Universe to take over, but then life gets in the way and my mind goes from still and ease to WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN

If I continue to think about the five w’s, my mind will never be able to rest. For instance, as I was typing “5 w’s” in this post, I was about to actually write out the word W. Here was the thought process…

Wait a second, I can’t write out the word W.

But if you could, how would you spell it? Dubleu? Double You?

Who created the alphabet? Who decided how to write the letters?

Who decided to write Chinese? Those aren’t real letters.

How did someone even create a new language? Did they just start saying random words and made a new language?

Maybe I could start a new language – but what would I call it?

Why do we even have all these languages?

OMGosh – that took a good ten minutes out of my day that I will never get back and to make things worse, I was no closer to an answer nor did I create a new language from that conversation I had….with myself. It was just a waste that took up space in my mind for no good reason at all.

We all have a constant dialogue in our minds (except those who have mastered how to not) that is always questioning, judging, contemplating and wondering. But why? When I was meditating almost every day, I noticed a huge difference in my thought process. Sure, I saw things happening but I saw them for what they were – like passing moments – I was just viewing them, not questioning with the five w’s.

Life is so much better without the contemplation of things. Why not just let life unfold without figuring out everything that is happening. When you let life just happen, it can be so much more peaceful.

You aren’t on this Earth to trying and figure everything out. You aren’t even here to figure out your relationships, your family, your finances or your fashion choices. You are here to fulfill a purpose that has been given to you by the Universe and when you realize what that purpose is, it’s so much easier to stop trying to figure out the world and your life and let it just be. When you let the universe take over, give it full control and act based upon what your inner voice is saying, the most amazing things can happen.   

Be Still.

This is what I had written on my index finger each day last week and this week. This helps me stay on track, get to my meditation, calm when I am feeling anxious, stop the never ending thoughts going on in my mind.

When I do this, it clears space in my mind to allow myself to hear that voice guiding me to which step I need to take next. I hear this voice but I often don’t take it’s “advise” because of fear. My logical brain, my ego takes over to direct me to do what feels safe. Fear has killed every opportunity that I have ever had to be the best I can be – to serve others in this world by spreading love, kindness, my story and how giving your life to a higher energy can make way for a miraculous life.

Last week and this week have been wonky but I am ready to give it all up – let the Universe take over, listen to my gut every time I hear it and stop overthinking about it, or thinking about it at all. I am going to let the Universe take control. I will allow it to lead me over the next few weeks – I will remove the fear and the ego and just listen to my intuition and see where it takes me.

In order to do this, I need to be still. That doesn’t necessarily mean always meditating but every time I find myself judging myself or others, wondering about how or why things work or happen, questioning my better judgement, I need to stop. Literally clear my mind from those thoughts and feelings – see what I am doing and watch it pass, and then be still.

I will remove my thoughts, desires, wants and needs and just listen to my higher Self.

This will be an interesting yet scary couple of weeks for me. To really just let the Universe (God) take control of my life for a couple of weeks is a scary thing – I will have no control. But I want to show you all what it’s like to do what they say and Let Go and Let God (take control) and see what changes, not only internally, but externally, start to happen.

I am ready to see just what it’s like to put my life in the hands of God and see where it takes me. To stop the thinking, wondering and judging and JUST BE!

Follow me on Instagram @sincerelychristine_ or Facebook Sincerely, Christine to see the stories and how things are going. I’ll make a post in a few weeks to keep you posted with changes!

Until then…

Be Still.


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